Corporate identity

Management philosophy
We strive to make a valuable contribution to society by honoring and respecting all life and cultures around the world
Company creed
1.By working hard and with joy, we develop happy and satisfied employees
2.By maximizing our efficiency and through our tireless dedication to producing excellent products at a reasonable price, we instill a high level of trust and satisfaction with our customers
3.We do our best to always exceed our customers' highest expectations
4.Though faced with daily challenges, we endeavor to maintain our self-confidence and pride
5.We work in harmony with society so that we may prosper together
Business policy
 We offer new business development and the creation of products that are evaluated by our customers.
Emphasis on employees
 We evaluate each employee by their profit margin, ability, and achievement.
Clear and Distinctive Competency
 We promote the development of clear and distinctive competency in technical, manufacturing, management, personal and general affairs.
Harmony with society
 We contribute to society through efforts toward our industry and the environmentt
 We aim to make a system of sustained and lasting growth.