Tech information


Image processing system

Area scan system
Size check by high rexclution cameraRandom pickingcheck by robot vision
Line scan system
Size check of a continuous productAppearance check of a long productAppearance check of a big product
3D scan system
Check by robot vision 3DPosture check of a product which crowdsChick of breakage,breaking and a bruise

Vacuum assembly machine

Round type
3D/2.5D Direct Bonding Assemble "3D"Rounded surface and "2.5D"Curved surface shaped substrateFilm Laminator for Flexible OLEDFilm Heating laminator for Multi-layer film application
Flat panel type
Encapsulation system for OLEDVacuum Assembly system"VAS"for One Drop Filling ODFEncapsulation system for thin film solar cellVacuum Assembly machine Tabletop size for R&D applications
Line contact type
Vacuum Roll laminating machine for Flexible applications